Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Drogo: Game Of Thrones

“Circe,” he called and my eyes slid back. Then he shared gently, “There has been only one moment in my life when I have been happier than I am in this one and that was sharing the beauty your magic created while you told me you loved me.”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Self Portrait - May 30,2013

Haven’t posted in a while. (just stating the obvious) was off work today and I really didn’t have anything to do. I thought about going outside but besides the backyard, there isn’t much scenery that I would be interested in shooting. It was the afternoon sunlight coming in through my window, shining on my afternoon snack of strawberries and orange juice that I was inspired to take a simple self portrait. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photography talk

I admire photographers who use their mates, friends or family members as muses. Its a beautiful  thing to recognize something special in a person close to you that it inspires you to create art. the comfortability to be free and the secure connection that's made. the admiration of the persons image and their life its self. I need to find my muse and I’d love to become someone else’s muse.

One of my favorite photographers, Sally Mann, took a series of photos of her kids in their youth, on a family farm, being as she calls it “being wild & free”. some of my favorites are of her youngest daughter. she had been bitten by a bug on her eye. though grotesque, there was also a profound beauty in it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If Life was like a Movie (poem)

A poem I wrote In july 2011. this is the newly revised version.

If everything was like the movies, all our fantasies would come true.
life as we know it would be nothing more then a faded memory. all things that we want would be made out of a dream. no hardship, no fatality, no realization of what it means to never have had something or to lose it.

to close your eyes and drift away from the real world. if life was like the movies, would I even exist. maybe, If I was apart of someone else's fantasy, but I wouldn’t be me.
I would be mindless, sculpted in the image of another. trap in a world of “ if everything was perfect”. I wouldn’t know how water taste when thirsty or how to cry when a loved one died. I probably would break away to live my own fantasy.

My own Fantasy. a place where people are warm and kind. where time moves slowly to where a kiss is still felt after days. the surreal lovers in Paris. swept up by romance. seductive, passionate with every whisper of a voice, touch of a hand, glance of an eye.
if life was like the movies, possibilities would exceed pass all lines of hope. making the impossible possible. making all your wishes come true. But, what if life was like a movie, made up of every aspect of your imagination?

life can be a movie if its a movie about you. as easy it is to create your own fairy tale. fantasies are for dreams and the dreamers within it. like the old saying “life is what you make it” when things are boring and you want that exciting spark again. its up to you to make that happen, not a fantasy.

My poem was inspired by:

"all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream"
-Edgar Allan Poe

Monday, March 11, 2013

Self Manipulation 2013 (2)


 The Idea with this Manipulation was to make it look like a digital painting. I got rid of my wacom pad 2 years ago so being steady with the mouse was crucial .

Its crazy how ideas or concepts pop in your head. I woke up early last Friday around maybe 7am. the sun light was shining in so softly, I drifted into a day dream. what I saw in my head is the visualization of this Manipulation. a mix of fantasy, youth, innocence. I put a lot of skill into this. as I begun to edit, everything sort of fell into place. it took me about 5 hours to finish this.


I decided not to create a tutorial for this one. this piece is very different from anything I ever did before. so, its precious to me. I wanted to keep some mystery behind exactly how I edited it. instead, I posted a before and after picture so you could see the difference.

I used the following camera equipment below. go check out the Canon EOS 5D. click the image below.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Self Photo Manipulation Tutorial

I have tons of photos sitting on my hard drive that aren’t being used. or better yet. when I shoot, I take between 50-100 photos (sometimes more) trying to get “the shot” which is only one I need. usually this is when I’m working on a concept with myself. the most difficult part about taking self portraits is trying to keep each one just as interesting as the next. soon you run out of ideas. that's when I noticed that my photos could use some life. one way to bring photos to life is by manipulating them.

this will be a quick run down of how I achieved this look for my first official photo manipulation.
** I used Photoshop CS3**

I wanted to do something basic for my first run. I  knew what I wanted the photo to look like.  this is the result of me shooting myself in my backyard.

After that. I cut out myself sitting on the grass by using the extract tool in Photoshop. there are many ways you can cut,select, remove or extract from a image in photoshop. discovering the extract tool in photoshop is the most knowledgeable thing that has come to me in editing this year. that, and using layers more accurately.

 use the brush tool to trace around the area you want to extract (select the area making a full circle) after the glowing lines connect, use the paint bucket to fill it in. you can click preview to make sure all is correct. if so, click OK.

 Once you have the Extracted part of your image, you will need to make a layer mask to erase away parts of the original image left behind.

As you can see, the Extract tool makes cutting and pasting from an image very easy. the next step after this is finding the appropriate background to compliment your image. I found a free background image by searching Google images. (you also can try places like deviantart)

What you want to do is paste your extracted image on top of the background image and create a layer mask. (the layer mask will be used for the extracted image) use a black brush to blend the extracted image on to the background Image.

From this point you can go Photoshop crazy. just do your best to blend to get a realistic look or whatever look you're trying to create.

I played with the gradient tool adding soft tones. I also used blur/gaussian to blend in the grass with the sky. there are a couple other small things I did like air brushing my skin and adding bokeh. all in all, this is the final picture.