Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Review

I was in the makeup section in Wal-Mart when I first saw this nail polish.. I was attracted by the dark vibrant smooth looking colors.

One of the two colors I bought to test out is Shredded Magenta Mirage color 40. My first impression of this nail polish was that the color looks amazing. When I first started to apply the polish to my nail I noticed how light and thin the shade was. I also noticed how quickly it dried and begin to crack. I’m guessing  that’s what “Shredded “ meant. After it completely dried I applied a second coat. after the second coat dried I added a clear nail polish to finish. after it harden it wasn't so bad. The clear coat even gave it a shine.

There is no written info on the bottle other than the word “Shredded” that indicates the polish cracks. If you look closely you will see a picture.

On one bottle you have the silver breaking apart. That must means the polish cracks lol. I had to figure this out myself.

Pros: very true Magenta color.

Cons: there was a vague indication on the bottle that advertised the polish cracks.

Tips: I highly recommend you add a clear top coat to finish.

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